Join David in this 40-minute video lesson on creating the sugar goggle and finishing touches

Learn how to create a lovable Minion character from the ever-popular ‘Despicable Me’. This course includes step by step tuition from David in 15 easy to follow lessons. Follow the process from start to finish, from cutting and filling the sponge, icing and sculpting the minion, and finishing with David’s unique method for creating a sugar goggle.

Lesson 1: Welcome introduction, levelling & carving the Minion shape
Lesson 2: Buttercream filling and building the Minion
Lesson 3: Making chocolate ganache
Lesson 4: Coating the Minion with ganache
Lesson 5: Rolling & applying the icing undercoat
Lesson 6: Rolling & applying the final yellow icing topcoat
Lesson 7: Making the dungarees (or jeans, as David likes to call them!)
Lesson 8: Icing the board
Lesson 9: Moving the Minion onto the board
Lesson 10: Creating the Minion’s legs & dungaree pockets
Lesson 11: Creating the Minion’s feet & shoes
Lesson 12: Creating the dungaree buttons
Lesson 13: Creating the sugar goggle & eye
Lesson 14: Creating the Minion’s arms, mouth & hands
Lesson 15: Finishing the Minion with hair


White Decor Ice 1 x 500g – single
Renshaw Decor-Ice – Yellow – 2 x 2.5kg
Renshaw Decor Ice Yellow 1 x 250g
Renshaw Decor-Ice – Atlantic Blue – 250g – single
Renshaw Decor-Ice – Jet Black – 250g – single
Squires Ready tempered Isomalt – Colourless
Renshaw – Marzipan – White Rencol – 1 x 500g – single
Renshaw Decor-Ice – Chocolate Flavour – 250g
PME Edible Lustre Spray – Glaze
Squires Sugar Florist Paste (SFP) – White – 200g
PME Edible Lustre Spray – Silver

David Duncan

David is the owner of multiple award winners 3D Cakes, who have created in excess of 1800 wedding cakes this year, and are currently Scotland’s most awarded cake boutique. David loves a challenge and has created cakes for Prince William, HRH The Queen, JK Rowling, and has worked with designers such as Chanel & Dior.

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